Meet our partners - Courtyard by Marriott

Located just outside the city center, Courtyard Stockholm Kungsholmen offer the best of both worlds: a sense of urban sophistication, plus the calm and tranquility of nature, thanks to the close proximity to Ralambshovs Park.

Hello there, what is your name and what role do you have at your company?

- Petra Rörfors. I am the director of sales and sustainability.

How would you describe your venue?

- Courtyard by Marriott in Stockholm is a perfect located hotel with great meeting facilities in the heart of Stockholm. It’s easy access to everything in the city by public transports or our rental bikes. Our guests can dine in our restaurant Björk Bar & Grill where we the climate footprint is shown in every dish. To strengthen the body and soul, we recommend a visit in our sauna and gym Ground50 or just have a relaxing time and spend the day in our lovely beds.

Can you describe with a few words how you work with sustainability at your venue and why that is important to you?

- We are Green Key certified since 2011 and sustainability is always top of mind in everything we do. We try to minimize food waste by having smaller plates on buffets and Klimato labels to show the CO2e impact on every dish we serve. We prolong the lifecycle of our coffee grounds by making it in to body scrub with a company called Coffeemagic. We have water reducing taps and showers as well as 100% renewable energy. Also, we make our own sparkling water by Stockholm finest water and by that we save about 100 000 plastic bottles each year.

We want it to be easy to make the right choices when visiting Courtyard by Marriott Stockholm!

Finally, please give us some of your favorite spots in Stockholm?

- Djurgården is a beautiful place to visit all year around and they work very intense with sustainability.

Drottningholms Castle, where the Swedish king and queen lives, is also a beautiful place to visit especially in the summer time with all the beautiful surroundings.

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