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Meet our partners - Out Seglingsevenemang

Business, Corporate, Conference, Incentive - Out offers sailing activities and events for different groups in the archipelago of Stockholm. Sailing is a word covering so much: team activity, experience, challenge, adventure and the ideal form for sustainable transportation. Mimmi Gr√∂nkvist is the CEO of the company and we asked her a few questions. 

How would you describe your venue?

- Our sailing boats is our venue. Onboard we can bring groups for teambuilding and sailing transports to desired destination in the archipelago or in central Stockholm. Our skippers guide and coach the participants to a memorable activity.

Sailing boat group Stockholm

Can you describe with a few words how you work with sustainability at your venue and why that is important to you?

- Sailing is a sustainable activity in itself, but we work on maximizing our sustainability. We minimize the use of engine transports of our ships, supporting the necessary motorized transports by sails and planning the routes and logistics of our events.

Food and beverages on board are from our nearby local suppliers. We are a small scaled company, maintaining our boats locally, ensuring use of environmental detergents for cleaning and coating. All our boats have septic tanks according to Swedish law.

Finally, please give us some of your favorite spots in Stockholm?

- The archipelago! Vaxholm is fantastic small town which offers history, culture and nature with a variety of locally produced food and activities!
I would say that it is definitely a must to go to Vaxholm when visiting Stockholm!

fika on a cliff in the stockholm archipelago @Henrik Trygg Visit Stockholm

For more information on Out and sailing activitys all year round: Out seglingsevenemang

Picture 1 and 2: Out Segling. Picture 3: Henrik Trygg/Visit Stockholm