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MEET OUR PARTNERS - Sightseeing Ride

Sightseeing Ride offers guided tour on electric boats through the waters of central Stockholm. Their passionated guides uncovers the citys unknown stories while cruising silently under the bridges.

Hello there, what is your name and what role do you have at your company?

- Hi! My name is Jens Sestelo Rogeman and I’m the founder and CEO of Sightseeing Ride, Swedens only sightseeing company with a 100 % electric fleet! 

sightseeing ride Stockholm electrical boat

How would you describe your venue?

- We are focusing a lot on the guides and customer service, the idea when we started the company was to catch the feeling of Stockholm rather than just pointing out buildings and telling the guests onboard which year it was built. So we hired a bunch of actors and musicians and told them to create their own tour which has led us to be the highest rated boat tour in Sweden on google and tripadvisor. .

Can you describe with a few words how you work with sustainability and why that is important to you?

- A part from charging the boats with sun, wind and water power, we try to reduce consumption by washing our cushions and clothes rather than buying new. Our deliveries are made with bikes, and we highly support Swedens easiest sustainability act by “panta” our cans.

I have three kids in the age 0-3, the water in the Baltic is getting worse every year, tourism is growing but very few act on the sustainability within the industry. There’s just no need for it since politicians focus on land rather than water. I’d like to see a positive future for my kids, so the choice was quite easy to start a company with sustainability as base.

I think it’s important we change from having the sustainability as a note in the business plan and make it the base for all we do. I love Stockholm and would like to be able to swim in the waters here with my grandchildren too!

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Finally, please tell us about your favorite spot in Stockholm?

- My favorite spot is the area around Beckholmen, a really cool and cozy place where the boat yards meet restaurants, meets locals, meet beautiful architecture. A place often overlooked by the masses. But it has great picnic places, it’s green with a great view, you can have a tasty meal but it’s also quite spectacular knowing that they renovated the whole island by removing almost every grain of dirt in order to make it clean after hundred years of pollution from the boat yards.

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