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The Swedish railway company, connects Sweden with Norway, Denmark and Germany. As the market-leading train operating company, SJ is part of the solution for meeting Sweden's climate targets and all their trains in Sweden carry the Good Environmental Choice (Bra Miljöval) label.

Hello there, what is your name and what role do you have at your company?

- My name is Pernilla Hultsten, and I am Head of International Sales at SJ. The best way to explore Sweden is by train!

Pernilla Hultsten SJ

How would you describe your venue?

- SJ is a Swedish railway company that offers sustainable train travel. As the market-leading train operating company, SJ connects Sweden with Norway, Denmark and Germany. We have high-speed trains to/from Oslo and Copenhagen, and night trains to/from Berlin and Hamburg. Every day our passengers and co-workers meet on one of SJ's 1,500 departures from over 400 stations. We offer high-speed trains, regional trains and night trains with different travel class options.

Can you describe with a few words how you work with sustainability at your venue and why that is important to you?

- Choosing the train is an easy way to reduce your impact on the climate and the environment. 100 % of our electricity comes from hydropower, a renewable source. 50 % of the electricity is also labeled "Bra Miljöval" (the Good Environmental Choice label), which places additional requirements on electricity production, for example not to dry up waterways and to build water passages for fish and aquatic species. SJ journeys have carried the Good Environmental Choice label since 1994, and the train is still the way of the future to travel.

Our bistro on board offers several organic alternatives. Our partner Kalf & Hansen focuses on ingredients that are in season when they compose their dishes and almost everything is locally produced.

Night train SJ by the lake

Finally, please give us some of your favorite spots in Stockholm?

- I think that Stockholm is the most beautiful, vibrant and trendy city in the world. It offers a wide range of high-quality restaurants to very good hamburger joints. But if I have to choose one thing, I would say the archipelago. There are so many islands (around 30 000), and one favorite of mine is Möja. We have our own boat, and hopping around from island to island in summertime is the best vacation you can have.

The Right of Public Access, or Allemansrätten, grants free access to the natural harbours and the feeling of being able to dock with the boat anywhere is fantastic.

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