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Meet our partners - Stadshusrestauranger

Stadshusrestauranger is responsible for all culinary activities in The City Hall of Stockholm. From banquets in the Blue Hall and the Golden Hall to the public restaurant Stadshuskällaren, first opened in 1922, serving contemporary Swedish dishes with seasonal ingredients. 

Hello there, what is your name and what role do you have at your company?

- Hi, I'm Madeleine Björk and I am Manager at Stadshusrestauranger.

How would you describe your venue?

Stockholm City Hall, a red-brick masterpiece on Lake Mälaren, hosts Nobel Prize banquets in its stunning National Romantic interior. Designed by Ragnar Östberg, it's an iconic symbol of Swedish culture, offering city views from its 106-meter tower since its completion in 1923.

Since the summer of 2012, Stadshusrestauranger has been responsible for all restaurant and banquet operations at Stockholm City Hall. This includes two restaurants, Stadshuskällaren and Ragnars Skafferi, as well as banquet activities in Blå Hallen and Gyllene Salen. At Stockholm City Hall, we work to enhance Stockholm's brand and promote the positive symbol that Stockholm City Hall represents for Sweden.

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Can you describe with a few words how you work with sustainability at your venue and why that is important to you?

Working environmentally consciously in all areas is of utmost importance to us. Stadshusrestauranger is dedicated to systematic environmental efforts through Svanen and KRAV certification. The company is actively involved in sustainability issues and reducing its environmental impact, engaging everyone from the CEO, the entire management team, and all employees. The Svanen label covers not only the food but also sustainable and purposeful work with energy, transportation, single-use materials, chemicals, and environmental management.

By engaging in various sustainability-related issues, we also keep the sustainable work "top of mind."

- “Hållbara restauranger”/ Sustainable Restaurants - The company's CEO, Maria Stridh, was one of the founders of the Sustainable Restaurants network which serves as a knowledge network for restaurants aiming to work more sustainably and communicate this to their guests without certification.

- “Kranmärkt”/ Tap Water Initiative - For several years, at the city's request, we have joyfully served tap water exclusively at city banquets.

“- Biogasakademien”/ Biogas Academy - Stadshusrestauranger has been a member of the Biogas Academy for many years. By sending food waste for anaerobic digestion, biogas is produced and then bought back for use in our stoves, achieving true circularity.

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Finally, please give us some of your favorite spots in Stockholm?

Of course, Stockholm City Hall! If you have the chance to visit the tower, do it! And consider joining a guided tour of the entire building. Hagaparken is always wonderful for a walk or bike ride. It's equally beautiful in any season.

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