Stockholm is urban yet historic and very close to nature; water is an ever-present feature in this city where green areas, medieval buildings, the archipelago and skyscrapers meet in an open and welcoming atmosphere. Diversity, equality, and innovation are celebrated and embraced.

Today sustainability is undoubtedly the buzzword of the world’s meeting industry, with more and more destinations offering so called “green meetings”. However real sustainability can’t be achieved by only focusing on the meetings themselves. Not even if factors such as accommodations and transports are taking into account. Actual sustainability can only result from a much more holistic approach where every aspect of environmental, economic and social impact is part of the equation. That’s why factors such as freedom from corruption, equality and labor legislation are equally important to consider when choosing your meeting destination.

The business featured on this website aim at provide you the best service possible when it comes to meetings. They are all a part of the project Sustainable Meet Stockholm that aims putting Stockholm at the forefront as a more sustainable meeting destination.

The hotels, restaurants, attractions, key venues and other partners are committed to upholding Stockholm’s reputation as one of the most inclusive and sustainable cities in the world.

They are dedicated to provide you with all you need for your next meeting in the city where everything just works.